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| Bedrooms1 - Baths1 | $13,200
Immaculate 1 bedroom apt with nice kitchen, A/C, satellite TV, Gas BBQ, shared outdoor shower, deck and garden! Perfect space for a couple! RENT NOW FOR 2017


| Bedrooms1 - Baths1 | $13,000
Lovely one bedroom apartment with sun room, kitchen and wonderful back deck, shared washer/dryer and outdoor shower too! RENT NOW FOR 2017
Entrance and Deck


| Bedrooms1 - Baths1 | $13,000
Newly renovated, 1 Bedroom, on the Atlantic Ocean with wrap around kitchen with granite counter tops, D/W, all the bells and whistles including Satellite TV. RENT NOW FOR 2017


| Bedrooms1 - Baths1 | $12,500
Spacious 1 bedroom apartment with private deck, great living space in large home, quiet area! RENT NOW FOR 2017


| Bedrooms1 - Baths1 | $15,000
Charming one bedroom apartment - located in one of the oldest homes in Cherry Grove...on the quiet West End of town. Historic "Pride House" has a decorative fire place, hardwood floors, large kitchen...and magnificent gardens! A/C, wi-fi, sat TV, shared washer/dryer. Perfect for just two adults - RENT NOW FOR 2017


| Bedrooms2 - Baths1 | $16,000
Bright, sunny, 2 bedroom apt located close to all the activities and only steps away from the beach! Private fenced-in deck, shared W/D, satellite TV, A/C, electric grill. RENT NOW FOR 2017


| - Baths1 | $12,000
Nice sized studio in large house on the Atlantic Ocean with Private Walk to the beach. New kitchenette, electric grill, satellite TV, A/C and Wi-Fi! Very well maintained, Immaculately clean.


| Bedrooms1 - Baths1 | $19,000
Incredible Views right on the Atlantic Ocean!!! This large one bedroom has a full kitchen, dinning/living area, private deck, all cedar interior, satellite TV, wi-fi and A/ well as direct access to the beach!! Rent includes utilities and limited laundry service! Private deck with grill. RENT NOW FOR 2017

8,750 - HALF SHARE

| Bedrooms2 - Baths1 | $8,750
This lovely 2 bedroom apartment is located on the far East End of the Grove and has views of the Great South Bay from the back deck! Large living room and two comfortable bedrooms. Just steps to the Pines, too!! RENT NOW FOR 2017 AS A HALF SHARE!


| - | $13,000
Amazing oceanfront studio....full kitchen with dish washer, private deck, shared washer/dryer and of course, the most wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean!!!


| Bedrooms2 - Baths1 | $13,000
2 Bedroom Cottage on the West End of Cherry Grove - bright sunny deck, spacious living/dinning/kitchen area. Just 3 houses off the beach!


| - Baths1 | $13,500
Wonderful, free-standing studio, right on the Great South Bay...with beautiful views...all newly renovated! A/C, sat TV, private deck, shared gas grill. RENT NOW FOR 2017
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